Olympics security missiles placed on flats?

Defence missiles may be placed on residential apartment blocks

In a sign of just how heavy the security will be at the London 2012 Olympics, the UK’s Ministry of Defence has said that it may position surface-to-air missiles in residential areas. The missiles would be stationed on a water tower that also contains apartments, situated close to Olympic stadiums during the upcoming London 2012 games. A leaflet from the ministry distributed to the residents of the estate in East London, where around 700 people live, states that a “Higher Velocity Missile system” may be placed there during the event for a period of up to two months.
One resident, who has seen soldiers carrying equipment into the building, said: “At first I thought it was a hoax. I can’t see what purpose high-velocity missiles could serve over [such] a crowded area.”
The document explains: “The location has been chosen as it is situated close to the Olympic Park and offers an excellent view of the surrounding area and the entire sky above the Olympic Park.” The missile system is “designed to counter threats from very high performance, low-flying aircraft”.
[pictured: Aerial photo of Olympic Park under construction; courtesy Olympic Park]

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