Oman to vary hotels to attract tourists

New airport, varied accommodation – and sailing
Oman is hoping that its new airport in Salalah and a wider range of accommodation will boost visitor numbers. The new international airport opened this summer and has the capacity to handle one million passengers a year, but this will increase to 6 million as further stages are completed.
“It is an additional airport that’s [being built] because there is a huge demand in the region. It attracts a lot of tourists,” says Asma Al Hajry, deputy director general for international tourism at Oman’s ministry of tourism.
She believes numbers will be further boosted as the new amenities offer a wider range of choice to potential travellers. There are plans to widen the range of accommodation in order to attract more than just the luxury market to Oman.
“We do have 5-star and 4-star [accommodation and] the government has to expand that. We do have a number of projects in the pipeline to increase the potential.”
Oman is also using its growing reputation as a competitive sailing nation to drive tourist numbers, Al Hajry added.
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