One in ten Norwegians lack a passport

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Police chief advises all Norwegians to get one
Around half a million Norwegians cannot travel abroad as they do not have a valid passport, according to the Norwegian Police Directorate, citing stats from Statistics Norway.
Of the total 4.8 million Norwegian citizens, just under 4.3 million hold a valid Norwegian passport – about one in every ten Norwegians.
“It is voluntary to get a passport in Norway. However, we recommend you take passports on all trips abroad,” advises Atle Roll-Matthiesen, senior vice president of the Police Directorate.
“Temporary border controls were reinstated on the inner Schengen border from August 26 this year, and the control is extended until November 1.”
Border controls between countries that are members of the Schengen area can be introduced at short notice, he added.
“In addition, airline and ferry companies and hotels often require valid ID documents upon check-in.”
Dagsavisen / NTB / Norway Today


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