One more hotel giant in TripAdvisor booking deal

Now you can book more rooms without leaving TripAdvisor
Marriott says it will add its global portfolio of more than 4,200 hotels to the TripAdvisor Instant Booking platform. Starting later this summer, people checking TripAdvisor will also be able to make a booking without leaving the user review site.
The agreement also signifies a strategic partnership between Marriott and TripAdvisor to introduce new customers to the hotel giant’s portfolio of 19 brands.
TripAdvisor first launched its Instant Booking platform to US consumers in June 2014, with a gradual rollout to other international markets expected over time. Consumers are essentially making a booking powered by the hotel company but on the TripAdvisor site.
Experts say that the deal is a move against online booking sites such as Expedia and Accor, Best Western and Choice Hotels are among TripAdvisor’s other Instant Booking partners, whereas Hilton and Wyndham do not participate.
“TripAdvisor is a perfect partner for Marriott, both strategically and culturally,” said Arne Sorenson, CEO and president of Marriott International. “Our new agreement demonstrates how the growth strategies for our two companies are aligned in the travel space.”
“TripAdvisor has created a new distribution model that changes the game in the travel industry by addressing key concerns of hotel suppliers,” said Shafiq Khan, Marriott International’s senior vice president for channel strategy and distribution. “Marriott’s partnership with TripAdvisor will make it easy for consumers to book with our hotels, and allows Marriott to build a direct relationship with these guests even before arrival. The agreement also maintains our ability to control where the rates and inventory for Marriott’s hotels are displayed.”
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