Operator worried agents turning away from Turkey

But “distance between resorts and Syrian border is huge”
A tour operator specialising in Turkey is urging agents to focus on the country after becoming concerned that the war in neighbouring Syria, and the falling euro, are negatively impacting sales.
Akin Koc, managing director of the UK-based Anatolian Sky, said he was seeing a bigger drop in sales via agents than through direct channels. He believes part of the reason is that agents are switching to other destinations in the belief that they are safer.
To fight against the trend, Koc said he would work on educating his own sales teams and agents to show how safe the destination is.
“The direct side is performing better than agents. Perhaps agents are not pushing Turkey as they think it is a difficult destination to sell,” he said.
“I’m concerned some agents think that because Turkey is on the Syrian border, if they don’t know the geography they might think that the holiday resorts are close to the border. I want to make clear that the distance between [the resorts and the Syrian border] is huge, like London to Vienna or Budapest.”
He added: “There is potential danger everywhere in the world and there is as much danger in Turkey as in London. It is unfair and incorrect to compare Turkey with other Middle East countries. It should be compared with Greece or other European destinations.”
Koc also said he thought some agents were under the impression other destinations were cheaper. He argued that in fact the lira was better value than the euro. “I appreciate the euro has dropped, but not as much as the lira,” he said.
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[photo courtesy Go Turkey]

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