Operators: “business as usual” in Egypt

“We monitor demonstrations in Cairo on a daily basis”

It’s “business as usual” for tour operators in Egypt, despite the recent demonstrations and angry anti-western rhetoric over an anti-Islamic film. Foreign ministries are advising tourists in countries like Egypt and Tunisia to exercise caution and avoid areas close to US embassies. But travel advice remains largely unchanged.
“We monitor demonstrations and things that happen in Cairo on a daily basis, but we’ve got no change to our program,” Phillip Breckner, director of the tour operator Discover Egypt, told TTG Digital. “If we were told on a given day that a demonstration was taking place outside the Egyptian Museum in the afternoon, then we would probably change our trip to the morning, or vice versa.”
David Symes at On The Go Tours said the company was still running all of its programs: “It doesn’t seem to be affecting any of the areas we take our clients to. It’s just about being diligent on the ground and being aware of the situation.”
However, some cruise lines have changed their itineraries. For example, following the protests Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas replaced an overnight call at Alexandria with stops at Messina and Valletta.
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