Opinions mixed on Tourism Thailand “stalker” film

“Creepy” love story features tourist tracking down girl
Marketing using films that are released on social media are often a subtle form of communication. A new short film produced by the tourism authorities in Thailand featuring a young couple meeting for the first time and seeing some of its idyllic beaches and ancient temples may have backfired after accusations that the tourist is stalking the girl.
The film, Love en Route, tells a cute story about a lovesick American tourist who tracks down a young Thai woman through her Instagram photos. “It would be nice for us to meet and maybe become friends,” the man says, tracking her down on a boat and then on a beach.
It features a whirlwind tour of Thailand with shots of Chiang Mai, Lampang, Sukhothai, Trang and Bangkok. Comments under the 16-minute film’s YouTube posting are mostly positive, but it has received negative reviews from people in the travel industry. There are shorter versions of the film.
The Culture Ministry, which co-produced the boy-meets-girl film with the Tourism Authority, enthusiastically revealed that it was going to be “screened at Cannes” – though a high-ranking individual at the Cannes Film Festival responded: “Not as part of any main program at the festival.”