Øresund Bridge sees fewer rail passengers

Danes and Swedes think border checks are to blame
ID and border controls between Denmark and Sweden will continue at least until November 12, while the number of train passengers crossing the Øresund Bridge continues to decline.
Sweden brought back border controls last November in reaction to the migration crisis and border checks on the bridge began in full in early January.
Danish rail company DSB saw a 15% fall in rail journeys between Denmark and Sweden in August year-on-year. Meanwhile, sales of the Jojo ticket card sold by Skåne public transport operator Skånetrafiken dropped 8% in the same month.
Linus Erikssen, head of traffic at Skånetrafiken, suspects that the dwindling number of holiday travellers across the bridge this summer is due to the congestion that has arisen from the ID and border checks.
Skånetrafiken hopes to push through a proposal that will merge ID and border controls at Copenhagen Airport with those over the bridge in Hyllie. That could save passengers 20 minutes’ travel time.
In related news, the Øresund Bridge will close to cars on October 12 from 20:00 to 23:00 and rail services will be limited due to an exercise involving the emergency services.
Øresund News / Copenhagen Post

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