Oslo Airport renews passenger halls

New arrivals hall opens, international art unveiled
Oslo Airport’s new domestic arrivals hall will open on September 1, marking the opening of the first large section of the new-look airport, set to be opened officially on April 27 next year.
The airport says that the first arriving passengers will get a special welcome, and a guided tour of the new areas is being organised starting at 7pm on Thursday led by Avinor CEO Dag Falk-Petersen and other senior managers.
Meanwhile, a colourful exhibition of art by children around the world is on the walls at Oslo Airport. It comes from the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, with reproductions of more than 100 artworks dealing with themes like travel, experiences and destinations.
The art can be seen in the terminal by the non-Schengen area for arriving and departing passengers, as well as in the passageway to the south pier.
The museum’s long-term goal is to spread respect and understanding for the value of children’s stories, art and culture and raise awareness and enthusiasm for children’s cultural expression and heritage.
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