Oslo Airport sets up 46-inch touchscreen kiosks

Scan your boarding pass, screen will display information

Oslo Airport has set up new self-service information kiosks to make it easy for travellers to find things they need. The kiosks consist of a 46-inch touchscreen and complement existing passenger services at the airport.

The six kiosks are “strategically located to help passengers navigate their way around the airport,” the airport explains. Two are in the departures hall, one in domestic, one in international departures, one in international arrivals and one in the arrivals hall by passenger services.

“This is a very attractive service for travellers,” Alf-Einar Larsen, the airport’s project manager, says. “We know that many people have been looking for services that make it easier to navigate inside the airport. By using new technology we can now help each and every passenger.”

The kiosks are designed to make it easier for travellers to get from A to B, for example maps to show how to get to the nearest cafe or a passenger’s gate. The map function also provides information about the estimated walking time from the kiosk to the selected location.

If you scan your boarding pass at the bottom of the kiosk, the screen will display your gate, flight number and departure time. The map will show you how to get there along with the estimated walking time to the gate, including estimated wait time in security and passport queues.

TTG Nordic

[photo courtesy Oslo Airport]

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