Oslo flight grounded after pilots and crew found drunk

airBaltic flight to Crete delayed after pilots fail alcohol test
A plane due to fly from Oslo to Crete operated by the Latvian airline airBaltic had to be delayed for five hours until a sober flight crew could be located.
The flight was reportedly carrying 109 holidaymakers when it was grounded on Saturday after four of the five crew members failed alcohol tests.
Police had been tipped off before the plane’s departure by a passenger who suspected the crew had been drinking, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reported.
Police subsequently carried out checks and discovered that both the captain and first officer as well as two of the three flight attendants were over the drink-fly limit.
The four were all taken into custody. The flight was delayed by around five hours until sober crew members could be located. Passengers were told that the pilot was “unwell”.
Janis Vanags, an airBaltic spokesperson, told the Latvian website LSM that the carrier has a “zero tolerance policy”.
“Zero tolerance means no alcohol,” he said, “It’s very straightforward – safety is our number one priority. There has been an initial test and that is being followed up with more detailed tests. When we have the results we will take appropriate action. I apologise to all customers who have been affected by this incident.”
Helena Therese Langeland, a passenger on board, said: “It is surprising that people who have such huge responsibility in their jobs, don’t take it seriously and have so little professionalism.”
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