Oslo Torp: 35% more passengers

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TORP Sandefjord Airport

Record year for Oslo’s second airport

Nearly two million passengers travelled to or from Torp Sandefjord Airport near Oslo in 2017, growth of 35% compared to the previous year.

Precisely 1,963,630 passengers used Torp, which is the fastest growing airport in Norway and mainly receives scheduled flights by airlines such as Norwegian, Ryanair, Wizz Air and KLM Cityhopper. It’s a huge jump from 2016’s 1,455,375.

It also comes despite a 2.7% fall in domestic traffic, due to a decline in travel within Norway related to the oil and gas industry.

The growth is attributable to a boom in flights to both Spain and Central and Eastern Europe, but the cities of Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen remain the most important destinations.

“Now we aim to pass 2 million passengers in 2018 for the first time in the history of the airport, and we naturally encourage everyone living in the region to choose Torp the next time they fly out,” beamed Gisle Skansen, managing director.

Far behind Gardermoen
But it is still far behind Oslo’s main airport, Gardermoen, which saw a rise of 1.7 million passengers during 2017, or 6.6%, to reach 27.5 million.

Domestic travellers at Oslo Gardermoen grew 3.6% to 11.6 million, while the number of international travellers rose 8.8% to 15.8 million.

It had about the same amount of passengers (1.9 million) in December 2017 as Torp saw during the whole year.

In total, Norwegian airports nationwide saw more than 50 million passengers during 2017. Other big hitters were Tromsø (up 8.7%), with its year-round Frankfurt route being a particular success, and Harstad/Narvik (up 6.2%), while Bergen saw a more modest 2.8% rise.

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