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Image of the likely future station by Oslo Torp (image: Bane NOR)

Oslo Torp hails vision for new railway

Installing a new railway with a station next to one of Norway’s biggest airports is the “right choice for the future”, Oslo Torp says.

Oslo’s Sandefjord Airport Torp, located around 110 kilometres south of the Norwegian capital, says it is delighted that Norway’s state-run rail operator Bane NOR has recommended it gets a new rail station and double-track railway.

Torp Vest (Torp West) will be “an immaculate corridor” for the future railway between Stokke and Larvik via Sandefjord municipality, the airport says.

Norway’s fifth-biggest airport, known in part for being a base for low-cost carriers as well as for the regional airline Widerøe, says that Torp Vest can be located near the terminal allowing passengers to walk directly between the station and the airport.

It says that “a station in the Torp Vest corridor is considered to be the best option, both for regional development and for reducing car traffic to the airport, and for the socioeconomic advantage to be significant”.

Bane NOR has made a film visualisation for the Torp Vest corridor, which can be seen here.

Airport’s sympathies
The railway in Vestfold is 130 years old, and much has changed since the previous corridor was chosen, the airport says.

“We all understand that there are many emotions involved in any corridor choice, especially for those who are personally affected. Whichever corridor is chosen, the number of those affected is about the same, and of course we have sympathy for the ones to whom it applies,” Sandefjord Airport Torp says.

“The train is finally on the way to Sandefjord and Larvik on a double track, and at Torp we will be ready for the platform when it comes.”

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