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CAT ll landing system in place at Torp (photo: Vegard Rove Stuen)

Oslo Torp upgrades to new landing system

The low-cost airport reveals that it has started to use ILS CAT II in time for the foggy Norwegian autumn.

Torp, the privately owned low-cost airport serving Oslo, is joining all of the major airports in the Nordic and Baltic region by adopting the instrument landing system CAT ll, allowing pilots to land in poor weather conditions.

The airport says that this will improve the regularity of airport operations and make Torp more attractive to airlines wanting to land their aircraft in Oslo.

CAT II means that planes need only 350 meters of sight in order to land or take off, whereas aircraft using Torp previously had to have a view of at least 550 metres.

This makes Torp less vulnerable to conditions such as fog, so regularity is improved and the number of redirected flights is reduced to a minimum.

€2.6mn upgrade
Investment in the upgrade reached a total value of approximately NOK 25 million (€2.6 million). With the new system, the airport says it expects to cut the number of redirects and cancellations due to poor visibility by up to 90%.

“This is a landmark in Torp’s development and I am proud and happy to be able to use the new system before the autumn seriously approaches,” said Torp CEO Gisle Skansen.

“I want to congratulate all of the parties involved for their impressive efforts and excellent cooperation – both across departments and not least between Torp and Avinor. Torp has again been able to deliver and implement in record time compared to other airports.”

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