Oslo’s Rygge Airport considers liquidation

But efforts to restart commercial aviation continue
Since the private equity firm Jotunfjell Partners took over Oslo’s Rygge Civil Airport in April, including the terminal buildings and infrastructure, the airport’s future and purpose has remained unclear.
Liquidation is still on the table, despite continuing efforts to get commercial aviation up and running again.
“Jotunfjell Partners have said they want to go it alone financially,” said Ole Kristian Sivertsen, chairman of the board of Rygge Airport. “We are considering our further business.”
Sivertsen confirmed that the liquidation of the company remains an option. A general meeting has been planned for the end of June to decide the company’s future.
Until then, the board has decided that money invested by municipalities, private companies and through a Vipps smartphone payment campaign will be repaid, as it will not be spent on the purpose it was collected for.
Jotunfjell-owned Rygge Civil Airport is “now working on various areas related to reopening the airport. We are talking to politicians, councillors and others who are interested in making this happen,” said Sven Nyländer, the airport’s general manager.
Rygge officially opened in February 2008 with capacity for 2 million passengers a year, handling 1,891,000 passengers in 2013. But it remained heavily dependent on Ryanair traffic from 2010 and the low-cost carrier shut down its base there in October 2016 after a Norwegian passenger tax was introduced. The airport closed for all civilian traffic on 1 November 2016.
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