OTAs outperform market thanks to mobile

OTAs consolidate their grip on the European market
The rapid rise of mobile online access will help OTAs consolidate their grip on the European market, a travel industry insider says.
Speaking at the Phocuswright Europe conference in Dublin last week, Phocuswright director for consumer research Marcello Gasdia said European mobile gross bookings had grown by 17% in 2015, outstripping the overall 5% rise in gross travel bookings and a 13% jump in the online travel market in the same period.
This has allowed OTAs in Europe to see a 16% boost in their own businesses during the same period, as they invest more in mobile technology than rival distribution channels.
“OTAs are eating a larger and larger slice of the online market every year. It remains to be seen how they can stop that in Europe,” Gasdia said.
“OTAs are growing but don’t expect them to rest on their laurels. They’re investing in the mobile experience. This route is only going to get stronger moving forward.”
The growth rates represent a €35 billion slice in mobile gross booking value. With further growth predicted, Gasdia is confident who will continue to benefit from the increase.
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