Other buttons may join “Like” on Facebook

But Mark Zuckerberg rules out a “Dislike” button

The famous “Like” button may not be alone for much longer. Facebook may soon add other ways that users can express themselves in a click, such as for “sad moments”. But a “Dislike” button has been ruled out.

In a public Q&A session, Mark Zuckerberg explained that users do not feel comfortable “liking” unfortunate life events such as deaths. Other occasions require surprise or laughter, he said.

“There’s something that’s just so simple about the ‘like’ button’,” he said. “But giving people more ways of expressing more emotions would be powerful.”

He added: “We need to figure out the right way to do it so it ends up being a force for good, not a force for bad and demeaning the posts that people are putting out there.”

The Like button was introduced in 2009. Today, around 4.5 billion likes are made each day.

The Guardian

[pictured: Mark Zuckerberg, creator, CEO and president of Facebook; photo courtesy of Facebook]