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Widerøe Bombardier Dash-8 (photo: Widerøe)

Over a quarter of Widerøe’s planes out of order

Widerøe has been hit by many unforeseen events this month, from birdstrikes to lightning strikes.

The Norwegian regional carrier Widerøe has been hit by a number of challenging operational events this month, resulting in as many as 12 of its 41 Bombardier Dash-8 turboprops being rooted to the ground.

Besides its 41 Dash-8s it also has three Embraer E190-E aircraft, meaning that more than a quarter of the company’s fleet are temporarily inoperative, Check-in.dk reports.

“We have entered a difficult situation,” the company admits on the front page of its website.

“This is causing some disturbances and has consequences for planned routes today and in the future. The passengers concerned will be contacted and offered alternative travel or a refund. Widerøe is fully focused on solving this.”

According to Widerøe, September has been characterised by many unforeseen unfortunate events, including bad weather, many birdstrikes, lightning strikes and technical failures, which have resulted in so many aircraft having to undergo technical inspections at the same time.

Six out of the 12 aircraft taken out of service are currently undergoing planned maintenance, the company says.

Domestic routes hit
The airline has yet to get a complete overview of how many flights will be cancelled, but it will certainly hit domestic routes across Norway, Widerøe’s information manager Catharina Solli said yesterday.

“We will make cancellations throughout our network. This means that the whole country is hit,” she told the national broadcaster NRK.

On Thursday, three flights from Tromsø were cancelled because of the issue. Widerøe says it will rent aircraft from other companies in an effort to solve the problems in the coming weeks.

The development comes four months after technical problems forced the airline to ground eight of its aircraft, causing delays and cancellations.

Widerøe operates a wide range of domestic routes in Norway and also has international routes to Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Germany. In total, the airline flies to 49 destinations. However, it is less likely that the international routes will be affected than the network of domestic routes.

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