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Austrian Railways

Overnight trains from Berlin back on track

Deutsche Bahn dropped the much-loved sleeper services last year, but now Austrian Railways is stepping in.

Travellers who mourned the loss of their favourite overnight train lines from Germany courtesy of Deutsche Bahn last year now have some cause to celebrate, as several are staging a comeback thanks to Austrian Railways.

The German rail operator axed all overnight trains departing Berlin, including destinations such as Vienna and Budapest – also scrapping romantic ideas of falling asleep in one country and waking up in another.

But now Austrian Railways says its Nightjet network will restart some of those sleepers this December, The Local reports.

The 10-hour Berlin-Vienna service, for example, will leave Berlin at 18:40 and arrive in Vienna just before 07:00.

Fares start at €29 for a seat, €49 for a cochette where seats can be converted into bunks, up to €69 for a sleeper car with built-in beds.

More routes
Austrian Railways says it plans to invest in new trains and offer more routes from Germany in the near future.

Berlin-Budapest and Berlin-Krakow sleeper rail services are also much missed, and although there is no sign yet that these will be resurrected, Austrian Railways has spent €40 million buying and renovating 42 sleeper trains from Deutsche Bahn, taking over seven lines including Hamburg-Zurich and Munich-Rome via Salzburg and injecting some ground-based competition for budget airlines.

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