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Photo: Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan airspace closed, India partly closed

The closure of airspace and airports to commercial flights comes as tensions between two nuclear-armed neighbours worsen.

Commercial air traffic in India and Pakistan is being heavily affected by the recent escalation of military tensions in the region. Pakistan closed its airspace today following an incursion yesterday by Indian fighter aircraft.

Initially it was international flights between Indian and Pakistani airspace that were affected. Then Pakistan grounded all domestic and intercontinental flights from the airports of Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Islamabad.

Now, according to Pakistan International Airlines, all commercial air traffic has been suspended throughout the country, while traffic in India is also badly affected.

Indian carriers IndiGo, Jet Airways and SpiceJet are reporting that all flights to and from Srinagar, Jammu, Chandigarh, Amritsar and Dehradun have been temporarily suspended.

High tension
Pakistan shot down two Indian military planes on Wednesday in the confrontation over Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

Wreckage was filmed after they crashed in the outskirts of Srinagar in India-controlled Kashmir. Pakistan says it captured two Indian pilots.

There are now fears of an all-out conflict between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.

Earlier on Wednesday, Pakistani police said that mortar shells fired by Indian troops in Kashmir struck homes killing six civilians.

This follows air strikes on Pakistan that were carried out by India, which in turn followed a militant attack in Kashmir which killed more than 40 Indian troops.

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