Paris and Rome are top for Swedish singles

The cities are best for giving someone a first kiss

When Swedish singles get to choose their favourite destination among Europe’s capitals for a romantic weekend, Paris and Rome are at the top.

The main reasons are the cities’ cultural and historical backdrop, city experiences and romantic atmosphere. The cities are also best for giving someone their first kiss in, according to a new study by one of Sweden’s best-known online dating sites, Happy Pancake.

Paris and Rome are unbeatable when it comes to romantic weekend breaks, the survey of 1,300 singles concludes. They tie for first place, with 20% of the vote each.

Prague is some way behind with 8% and London with 6%. Reykjavik and Budapest have 5% of the vote each, then comes Amsterdam with 4%.

However, as another part of the survey, Swedish singles placed new experiences, history and culture above romance. Answering the multiple-choice question “Why do you want to visit a city?”, 52% ticked “city experiences (eg., cafés to visit and neighbourhoods to stroll around); 48% ticked “good historical and cultural offer”; 45% chose “a city that feels romantic”; 34% went for “a city to give someone a first kiss in”; 34% ticked “a city I have never visited before”; and 24% cited “culinary experiences”.

Happy Pancake

[pictured: Notre Dame de Paris; courtesy French Tourist Office]