Passenger drinks $190 cognac at airport security

Female passenger refuses to give bottle to airport officials
A female passenger drank a $190 (€165) 700ml bottle of cognac on the spot after she refused to give it up to airport security officials because it was over the 100ml limit.
The Chinese passenger had purchased the Remy Martin XO Excellence in the US before boarding her flight to Wenzhou, China. The problem occurred at Beijing airport when she had to transfer during her journey.
She was told that she was not able to bring the imported cognac through security because it was larger than the 100ml liquid allowance. As it was too late to transfer the bottle to her checked-in luggage, the woman decided to consume the whole bottle herself.
Unfortunately, this created a new security problem – the woman, now very intoxicated, started acting wildly and yelling incoherently.
She then slumped to the floor and stayed there until police arrived and decided not to let her board the flight. She was taken to a convalescence room, where she was checked by a doctor and eventually sobered up. She was eventually released by police to her family who had come to Beijing to escort her home.
TTG Digital / BBC

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