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Tine Kleive-Mathisen, right, with the record-breaking passengers (photo: Sandefjord Airport Torp)

Passenger no. 2 million for Oslo Torp

Oslo’s Sandefjord Airport Torp celebrates “a milestone and a special day in Torp’s history”.

Never before have so many travelled in a single year from Oslo’s Sandefjord Airport Torp, which welcomed passenger number two million for the first time yesterday.

The Norwegian capital’s secondary airport, which is located around 110 kilometres south of the capital and serves partly as a base for low-cost carriers and the regional carrier Widerøe, has now seen more than two million passengers in one year.

Sandefjord Torp, which hailed the day as “a milestone and a special day in Torp’s history”, was the sixth biggest airport in Norway in 2017, behind Oslo Gardermoen, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Tromsø.

For Inger Lassen and her daughters Frida and Linea it became something of a surprise as the family were on their way to London on a first-class trip for the first time.

The family is from the coastal town of Arendal and, according to Sandefjord Torp, they exclaimed that the airport was “just great”.

They prefer to travel from Torp when they are going to fly, due to its proximity to their home. Torp gave them lunch and travel vouchers as additional reasons to return.

Regional hub
“It’s wonderful finally reaching two million travellers. Last year we were close, with over 1.9 million. With this we consolidate our position as the third largest airport in Norway on international traffic,” said Tine Kleive-Mathisen, the airport’s marketing and communications chief.

“Torp puts the whole of the new Vestfold-Telemark region on the map,” she added, referring to the merger of the two regions due to take effect from January 2020.

“More than 700 people have their daily work at Torp. It is said that every 1,000 passengers generate one workplace, so Torp has major ripple effects on society beyond the number of jobs directly linked to the airport.

“Torp has invested over NOK 1.7 billion [€175 million] in recent years, contributing to significant value creation in the region. Not only is Torp an international airport, but we are also one of the most international workplaces in the region.”

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