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Lee Cimino boards the flight in his stuffed coat (AOL screengrab)

Passenger sews clothes in coat to avoid fees

A passenger frustrated with Ryanair changing its baggage fees two days before he’s due to fly takes extreme measures.

When Ryanair changed its baggage policy for the second time this year, now allowing passengers to travel with just one small bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) free of charge, with every other piece of luggage subject to a fee per flight, it was a step too far for one customer.

Lee Cimino from Staffordshire, England, was so frustrated by the new rules coming into force two days before his flight, he decided to sew all his stuff into the lining of his coat.

Cimino, who had flown many times with the carrier and had booked a trip to Belfast for his birthday, made a video, which can be viewed here, showing how he took an old coat to a “friendly tailor”.

In a rich Midlands accent, he shows how he put the entire contents of a rollaway suitcase into the coat using inner pockets made with material from old clothes.

“Because I travel so often, I’m pretty clued up on the luggage rules and what I need to bring,” he told Lonely Planet News.

“I got toiletries, a clean jumper, jeans, shirt, socks and boxers. I even had room for a towel and pair of trainers!”

According to his friend who took the video, he didn’t look too out of the ordinary in his coat at Manchester Airport, more like a hipster.

In the video, Cimino is clearly not sure if the customised coat will work due to its sheer bulk but he makes it to Belfast with the suitcase-coat still intact.

Now back from his trip, he plans to auction the coat and give half of the profits to a charity of Ryanair’s choice, according to the Irish Independent.

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