Passenger stands seven hours due to overweight neighbour

“I didn’t fly from Alaska to Philadelphia on Flight 901. I stood,” he says

Flying with US Airways on a seven-hour flight from Anchorage to Philadelphia – one of the longest US direct domestic flights – passenger Arthur Berkowitz was forced to stand because of a 400-pound (180 kg) man sitting next to him. It was impossible for Berkowitz to get into his seat and the rest of the plane was full. This could obviously have been dangerous during takeoff and landing, he said later, as he couldn’t use a seatbelt.
“I didn’t fly from Alaska to Philadelphia on Flight 901. I stood,” he told a blog belonging to Christopher Elliot, a consumer rights advocate. He paid more than $800 for the ticket and says that US Airways’ subsequent apology and $200 voucher was “inappropriate”.
Some airlines, such as Southwest, ask oversized passengers to buy two seats. This was not the case with US Airways. Yet such policies don’t always work. Cult movie director Kevin Smith recently booked two seats for a Southwest flight – and was humiliatingly kicked off anyway.
Daily Mail
[pictured: Obese teenager weighing 146kg/322lb]


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