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Passenger tries to open door mid-flight

Fellow passengers get a mid-air scare before restraining the unhinged individual.

Film and images posted on social media show a distressed passenger being restrained during a US domestic flight from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho.

Passengers on board United Express Flight 5449 rushed to restrain the woman from Boise who had been shouting about being God and then tried to open one of the cabin doors.

Film posted online shows a passenger attempting to tie up the woman’s feet as another man holds her down in the aisle.

“I am God, I am God, I am God,” she is heard screaming in the video, which was filmed on Monday.

The plane later landed safely in Boise, where police were waiting at the gate. The woman was taken for medical evaluation, according to CBS News.

With 73 passengers on board, the United Express Embraer 175 was operated by SkyWest Airlines.

Easy to open?
Experts have told CBS that it would have been impossible for a passenger to open a door in the pressurised cabin of a plane during a flight – but that would not have made it any less terrifying for the fellow passengers on board.

The case will now be forwarded to the local prosecutor, a spokesperson for the Boise police said, to decide if charges should be filed. News reports say that the FBI may also get involved.

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