Passengers get out and push frozen plane

Cheery oil workers assist take-off in Siberia

Temperatures on the ground in excess of -50 can play havoc with an aircraft. But that wasn’t enough to stop a group of Siberian oil workers stuck in a frozen plane on Tuesday. They took matters in their own hands and got out to give their UTair Tupolev-134 passenger jet a push.

A YouTube video has emerged showing the incident. In it, a group of cheery travellers push the plane along the snow-covered runway in Igarka. The temperature is -52 degrees Celsius.

“Everyone wants to go home,” one man says.

“Due to the low air temperatures, the chassis’ brake system froze and a tow truck was unable to move the plane onto the taxiway to carry out the flight,” prosecutors investigating the incident said in a statement. “The passengers on board got out of the plane and started pushing it onto the taxiway.”

Apparently, the plane could not move because the pilots forgot to take off the parking brake when they left the plane. That caused the brake pads to freeze.

Thanks to the passengers’ efforts, on the runway a tow truck was able to take over, allowing for take-off and a smooth flight.


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