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A Jet Airways flight about to land (photo: © Thorbjørn Brunander Sund,

Passengers on flight bleed from nose and ears

The passengers on a flight in India suffered severe pain because the crew forgot to pressurise the cabin.

Passengers on an early-morning flight in India suffered bleeding from the nose and ears, headaches and other minor injuries after the crew forgot to pressurise the cabin, the BBC reports.

As the Jet Airways plane began to climb after leaving Mumbai for Jaipur, passengers reported feeling the usual sensation of gently losing hearing as the plane gained altitude.

But this quickly turned to pain as the passengers frantically tried to ‘pop’ their ears by holding their noses, one of the businessmen on the flight later told the BBC. It was also difficult to breathe.

The pilots deployed oxygen masks and made a brief announcement saying that the plane was turning around and would make an emergency landing back in Mumbai.

“First aid”
The plane landed safely and Jet Airways said that all 166 passengers were “safe” after the incident.

But it had been a terrifying and agonising 45 minutes for the passengers on the Boeing 737, some of whom posted photos and video on social media showing hanging air masks, claiming they were given no explanation by the crew for the conditions, The Guardian newspaper reports.

However, the airline said in a statement that “first aid was administered to a few guests who complained of ear pain, bleeding nose, etc.”

It added that the pilots had been “taken off scheduled duties” pending an investigation.

Five passengers were treated at a hospital in Mumbai, where Rajendra Patankar, chief operating officer at the Dr Balabhai Nanavati Hospital told the Indian Express, “They have suffered barotrauma of the ears due to change in air pressure” and were advised to avoid air travel for a week.

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