Passengers outsmart airlines by “wearing luggage”

Air passengers do all they can to avoid baggage and carry-on fees

As more passengers avoid baggage fees and pack all they need into carry-on bags, it is surely just a matter of time before all airlines follow the lead of low-cost carriers and charge fees for carry-ons. Some airlines are already getting aggressive about restricting the number of carry-on bags and weighing them at the gate.
But some passengers are outsmarting even these airlines to embrace a new idea: wearing your luggage. Sales in iPad-compatible tops, jackets and coats, each with between 20 and 30 built-in pockets and compartments, have become a hit in the US. Passengers with babies, meanwhile, can opt for a wearable baby carrier that also carries diapers and other essentials. And the Jaktogo is a carry-on bag that can be worn as a coat.
[pictured: Jaktogo;]