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Passengers surge through Estonian airports in April

Last month, passenger numbers through Tallinn and Tartu airports were much higher than the same time last year, reflecting rising numbers of flights and changing schedules.

The number of passengers at Tallinn Airport this April compared to the previous year was 11.4% higher, while the number of passengers at Tartu Airport was almost 20% higher, Tallinn Airport says.

During the month, more than 266,000 passengers passed through TLL, at an average rate of nearly 9,000 passengers a day.

A 21.3% growth in charter flight passengers was of particular note. According to Eero Pärgmäe, the airport’s commercial director, charter flights to Antalya, Turkey in particular produced a growth surge.

“From mid-April, there were one to three flights per day to Antalya, with six airlines operating: Onur Air, Pegasus, Freebird, SmartLynx, Tailwind and Turkish Airlines,” he said.

During the month, 7.2% more seats than last year were filled on scheduled flights. Growth was mainly in the low-cost segment, which also led to a rise in average occupancy.

At the end of May and early June, new routes will be opened to Malaga and Minsk.

This year, there are already new flights to Kiev and London. Additionally, Ryanair has new connections to Edinburgh and Berlin, Norwegian now flies to Stockholm and easyJet to London and Milan.

Changing schedules
As the summer season approaches, air traffic will continue to increase.

“Summer is the high season for flying and the flight schedule is tighter. We recommend that passengers have more time to arrive at the airport to make the flight pleasant and peaceful,” Pärgmäe suggested.

At the end of March last year, Finnair moved to a new schedule at Tartu Airport, resulting in an increase of 20% on the Tartu-Helsinki route compared to the previous year and 9.4% compared to March.

“It takes time to innovate. The new schedule supports European travellers and business travellers and I am pleased to note that it is working and the number of passengers is increasing,” concluded Pärgmäe.

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