Passengers want people not tech at airports

Half of all passengers still want to check in face-to-face
Airline passengers who use self-service kiosks or their own mobile devices to check in or drop off luggage are happier at airports than those who prefer face-to-face interactions. Yet a significant number of passengers still want to check in face-to-face with airline employees.
This is one of the findings of a new survey by airline technology solution provider SITA, which questioned more than 7,000 passengers flying all kinds of airlines in 17 countries around the world.
Self-service is almost always faster, and sometimes passengers using apps get information such as a delayed flight quicker than airport employees do.
But almost half of passengers prefer to deal personally with airline employees in an airport lobby, compared to 28% using the internet, 15% preferring a kiosk and 5% using a mobile app.
More than four in every five passengers speak to an agent to check in bags, even though many airlines have self-service bag drops.
The trend, though, is towards self-service, SITA predicts – for check-in, luggage tagging, boarding and post-arrival bag tracking. Around 98% of passengers carry at least one mobile device with them when they fly; 70% take two. In the future, mobile will help people move around airports faster, as will biometric technology such as facial and iris scans and fingerprints.