Personalised service is key to customer loyalty

Hotels that cater to each individual guest more successful
Hotels that provide services catered to the taste of each individual guest create greater customer loyalty, and hotels that make use of data and technology to gain relevant insights to do so are more successful at it, a study by Sabre Hospitality Solutions says.
The research, Customer Experience in Hospitality: Embrace Customer Data and Elevate the Guest Experience, conducted by Forrester Consulting, adds that most travellers are willing to share personal data to ensure hoteliers can meet their personal preferences.
However, their expectations to be offered more relevant deals, discounts or loyalty points similarly increase.
“Building and maintaining customer loyalty isn’t simply about letting customers accumulate points,” stated Alex Alt, president, Sabre Hospitality Solutions.
“It’s about finding ways to make customers feel special and to recognise and honour their preferences. Hoteliers who use data and technology to elevate the customer experience will ultimately generate loyalty that drives revenue.”
The three most compelling reasons guests are willing to divulge personal information are for check-in and check-out times to fit their schedule, for room selections to be based on their likes and dislikes, and for better recommendations on nearby events.
Additionally, the study finds that travellers aged 55 and above are more willing than younger travellers to share personal data in exchange for more bespoke services.
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