Pilot killed at air show in Sweden

Light aircraft crashes into forest in Söderhamn

A weekend air show in Söderhamn in eastern Sweden came to a tragic halt on Saturday afternoon when a 67-year-old pilot was killed in his SK 50 plane shortly after takeoff.
The pilot, Lars-Erik Fleck, sent out an alarm due to an engine problem and moments later the propeller-driven light aircraft hit a forested area close to the runway and burst into flames. There were no passengers on the plane. Around 500 spectators were at the air show.
“It is an unfathomable tragedy,” Per-Olov Blom, a friend of the pilot, told the newspaper Expressen. “He was such an experienced pilot and a fantastic plane mechanic.”
The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority has begun an inquiry into the accident.
TT / The Local
[photo: Wikimedia Commons; photo by Joshua06]