Pilot praised for stopping for cancer patient

Aircraft rarely return to the gate after departing

An 11-year-old girl travelling from Israel to a camp for kids suffering from cancer in the US was removed from her flight when she couldn’t find her passport. But the El Al Airlines pilot made a very unusual gesture when she found it.

The flight crew began collecting passports after Inbar Chomsky and 35 other children were seated on the plane. But Chomsky’s passport was missing. Crew, ground crew and kids all frantically searched the plane and the area around the boarding gate, but no one could find it.

“Everyone was very emotional,” said the rabbi accompanying the children. “There wasn’t one person on that flight who wasn’t in tears or upset for this little girl.” She was taken off the flight and her mother contacted.

But when the plane was almost on the runway, someone found Chomsky’s passport in a friend’s backpack. Immediately, the pilot alerted the control tower and the airline’s offices to see if he could get the girl back in the plane. After 30 minutes she was back in her seat.

“Planes rarely return to the gate after departing,” the airline sent a statement to the Times of Israel.

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[pictured: Ben Gurion International Airport, Terminal 3]

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