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photo: SAS

Pilot strike at SAS

Members of the Scandinavian pilot unions in SAS Scandinavia have been called out on strike. A total of 673 domestic, European and long-haul flights have been canceled.

Following negotiations in all three Scandinavian countries since March and with the support of external mediators in the final stages, SAS and the four Scandinavian pilot unions did not reach an agreement to avoid a strike that started at midnight between Thursday and Friday.

“It is deeply regretful that the pilots strike will have a negative impact on our customers. SAS is prepared to continue to negotiate, but if the requirements were to be met, they would have very negative consequences for the company. Nonetheless, the pilot associations have chosen conflict. Our first priority now is to take care of our passengers and at this moment in time, all SAS employees are doing everything they can to help customers affected,” says Karin Nyman, Director of Communications at SAS.

673 flights affected
All members of the pilot unions have been called out on strike which means that most domestic, European and all long-haul flights have been canceled. The strike does not include flights operated by SAS external partners, which make up approximately 30 percent of all departures.

External partners are Air Nostrum, CityJet, Flybe, Regional Jet/Nordica and Scandinavian Airlines Ireland and flights operated by these parnters during Friday equals to a total of 334.

On Friday a total of 26, 673 flights will be canceled affecting over 72,000 passengers.

SAS will send updates via SMS and email to passengers affected. The airlines advises passengers who has a flight booked to check the status of their flight on the website before going to the airport as flight status information is frequently updated.


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