Pilot union announces new Lufthansa strikes

Vereinigung Cockpit to give 24 hours’ notice of stoppages
The union representing pilots at Lufthansa, Vereinigung Cockpit, has called for a strike against passenger and cargo services, saying it will give 24 hours’ notice of the work stoppages to be carried out.
Airline and union failed to reach agreement on Monday in a long-running dispute over salaries for pilots, for which VC is demanding a 3.66% average pay rise each year.
VC represents around 5,400 captains and co-pilots. It argues that while Lufthansa has made around €5 billion in profit over the last five years, pilots’ wages have not kept pace with inflation.
However, the airline says the strike threat is “absolutely incomprehensible”, has called for renewed talks and offers to bring in an arbitrator.