Pilot who killed wife will marry stewardess in prison

BA pilot sentenced to 26 years to wed lover behind bars

Several months after being found guilty of brutally murdering his wife with a hammer, a British Airways pilot will marry his mistress, a stewardess, behind bars. The pilot, Robert Brown, is at the start of a sentence of 26 years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter. He killed his wife at their mansion home during a divorce argument while their two young children were playing close by, then he secretly buried her in woodlands in Windsor Great Park, near London.
Brown also has a baby with the French stewardess, Stephanie Bellemere, who told the newspaper the Sunday Mirror that “he is not a murderer”. She added: “The good thing is the birth of our baby. I know it’s one person dead and one comes to life. That’s life.”
The Daily Mail
[pictured: Analogue cockpit of a 1970s aircraft]