Pilots’ strike disables Air France

Air France forced to cancel up to 30% of its flights today

Today, Air France has been forced to cancel up to 30% of its flights due to a pilots’ strike. Around 20% of its flights were cancelled yesterday for the same reason, and the strike is expected to last until the end of Thursday. The airline says it will try to get 70% of its short-haul flights and more than half its long-haul flights launched today. About half of pilots stopped work yesterday, according to the main pilots’ union, the SNPL.
The pilots are protesting against government plans to make strikers give at least two days’ notice to their employer before they walk out. However, the French government refuses to back down and pledges to go “all the way” with the new legislation, which, it says, will allow airlines to plan for minimum services instead of not knowing how many employees won’t be working until the first day of a strike. This will give passengers “at last have some rights”, the French transport minister said.