Pilots may have argued before Flydubai crash

Investigation suggests pilot error during bad weather
The Flydubai plane that crashed in Russia last month, killing all 62 people on board, was flown in a contradictory manner before it hit the ground, a statement by investigators says, suggesting pilot error was behind the tragedy.
The Boeing 737-800 from Dubai came down at Rostov-on-Don airport in the early hours of March 19, during an apparent second attempt to land. Strong winds and rain were making landing difficult.
The crew had decided to abort the second landing and the plane began to gain altitude when the controls were suddenly pushed away. The nose plunged downwards, which, combined with the angle of the tail fin, sent the plane into a dive.
The Moscow-based Interstate Aviation Committee avoided saying the pilots were directly to blame but did say that their condition, actions and final conversations were being evaluated. Unnamed sources have told the Russian press that the flight recorders suggest the two pilots had argued immediately before the crash.