Pilots sacked after fight in cockpit

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Jet Airways

The pilots are reported to have been in a relationship

Two pilots have been sacked from their jobs for having a fight inside the cockpit during a flight from London Heathrow to Mumbai. They are reported to have been in a relationship at the time.

The couple allegedly engaged in their mid-air brawl during a Jet Airways flight, 9W 119, to India on New Year’s Day.

In the fracas, the male pilot is said to have slapped his female colleague, who then apparently fled the cockpit in tears while the plane was still flying with 324 passengers on board, the Evening Standard newspaper reports.

He then deserted the cockpit himself to try to persuade her to return.

“The cabin crew persuaded her to go back to the cockpit but she refused,” a source told the Indian Express. “Following this, the male pilot came out of the cockpit, leaving the operations to the care of a cabin crew [a violation of flight safety norms] and persuaded her to return to the cockpit.”

The female pilot had to be talked into returning to the cockpit by cabin crew. The aircraft eventually landed safely at its destination of Mumbai.

Zero tolerance
A Jet Airways spokesman confirmed that the pilots had been fired because of the incident, telling the BBC that it had “zero tolerance for any action of its employees that compromises safety”.

“At Jet Airways, safety of guests, crew and assets is of paramount importance,” it emphasised. The couple are said to have been flying together for many years.

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