Plane crash near Vancouver International

Serious injuries reported among those onboard Beechcraft King Air 100

All of the nine people who were on a Beechcraft King Air 100 that crashed on a road short of the runway at Vancouver’s International Airport have been rushed to hospital with burns, fractures and back injuries. Two of the crew are said to be in a serious condition. Two people in a car that the plane hit were also hospitalised, as was one pedestrian hit by flying debris. The plane burst into flames, but people in the ground were able to assist in taking everyone out.
The aircraft, operated by Northern Thunderbird Air, had just taken off from Vancouver bound for the British Columbia interior when it reported difficulties and attempted to return. Radio communication shows that at 4.08 pm air traffic controllers asked if the plane needed “equipment or help” on the runway, to which the pilot replied calmly: “Negative, everything’s good here at the moment.” He was then cleared to land, but at 4.11 pm there was a burst of static. The controller immediately announced that an aircraft had “pulled short” and that the runway was temporarily closed.
CBC News
[pictured: Beechcraft King Air used as Air Force One; courtesy USAF Museum]

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