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Plane flies to wrong airport in Sweden

A domestic flight to Gothenburg from Sundsvall ends up in Luleå instead.

Passengers who assumed they were boarding a flight to Gothenburg from Sundsvall in central Sweden were surprised to later find themselves in Luleå in the far north.

All 34 passengers on the Nextjet flight yesterday afternoon thought they were flying south. Instead they landed more than a thousand kilometres from their intended destination.

The airline explained afterwards that it had been forced to cancel its Sundsvall-Gothenburg flight due to bad weather on the west coast, the newspaper Aftonbladet reports. But the passengers were not told, nor was Sundsvall Airport.

In Sundsvall, the passengers had been told their flight was delayed, and rather than take off at 17:00, they boarded at 20:00. Their boarding cards scanned, they flew to Luleå.

Other passengers who were due to fly to Luleå, meanwhile, were left behind in Sundsvall, having been told that their flight was cancelled.

Nextjet apologised. “It appears to have been a huge miss in communications between the airport in Sundsvall and us”, said Henning Lindberg, its marketing director.

The passengers spent the night in a hotel in Luleå and were flown to Gothenburg today.

“I just laughed. What can you do?” shrugged passenger Roger Leirvik.

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