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Photo: Air India

Plane hits wall at Stockholm Arlanda

Emergency services swoop on a Dreamliner after its wing collides with the wall of one of the airport buildings.

An Air India aircraft full of passengers caused a hullaballoo at Stockholm Arlanda Airport last night after its wing tip collided with an exterior wall.

The tip of the plane’s left wing hit a building about 50 metres from Terminal 5, police wrote in a brief press release, as reported by The Local.

The Boeing 787-8 aircraft had just arrived from New Delhi with 179 passengers on board. No one was injured in the incident, according to police, and the passengers were able to disembark from the plane where it stood via a mobile staircase and walk the short distance to the terminal.

The accident occurred at around 17:45 when, in the words of one passenger, the “whole plane” shook when the Dreamliner collided with the building, India Today reports.

The aircraft was left where it was, so that the incident could be investigated. A spokesperson for the airport operator Swedavia said that the cause was not immediately clear.

“The plane came from New Delhi. We can’t say exactly what happened. We are looking into it,” the spokesman, Robert Pletzin, told the news agency TT.

Other traffic at Arlanda has not been affected, he added.

Images and video posted on social media and Swedish media sites show the tip of the plane’s wing stuck in the corner of a building. Another witness told the newspaper Aftonbladet that the incident resulted in “complete chaos” at the airport.

“It was filled with police cars, firetrucks, you name it. I said, ‘Shit, the wing is stuck in the wall. You’ve got to be kidding me’,” the witness said.

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