Plane seats may soon identify nervous fliers

Smart seats with built-in heart-rate monitors being developed
Sensors in aircraft seats may soon be used by pilots and cabin crew to identify nervous passengers.
Smart seats with built-in heart-rate monitors are being developed at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, in collaboration with KLM and aircraft equipment manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace. The seat sensors send heart-rate data to an app called FlightBeat, which appears as a colour-coded seat map showing who may need attention.
The app could help to stop expensive emergency landings caused by people who wait too long before telling the crew they feel unwell.
Privacy issues may result in fliers being able to choose whether to have their heart monitored by pushing a button on their seat. But passengers would be able to share their heart rate and emotional status via wi-fi with friends or family not on the flight.
The Telegraph
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