Play chess against grand master in new SAS app

SAS partners with world chess champion Magnus Carlsen
SAS has entered into a global partnership with world chess champ Magnus Carlsen and the company Play Magnus AS. The deal will “help to realise his dream of bringing chess to the wider world” by giving passengers the chance to play against him on the carrier’s latest app.
Play Magnus Live Challenge in New York is a competition sponsored by SAS, where 12 chess players from around the world are selected from those use the Play Magnus app.
The partnership also includes a so-called simul event in Oslo later this year, where several EuroBonus members will be able to play a game against Magnus Carlsen – the highest-rated chess player in history – at the same time.
Passengers on SAS aircraft will be able to take part by using the on-board Wi-Fi to play the Play Magnus app, where they can take on the champion at beginner, intermediate or expert levels. Passengers will also be able to play against players on the same flight and those on other SAS aircraft that are in the air at the same time.
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[pictured: Upgraded SAS long-haul cabin; image courtesy SAS]