Poo problem at Pulpit Rock

Call of nature can’t wait for increasing numbers of tourists
The call of nature can’t wait for tourists visiting one of Scandinavia’s most beautiful sites. Increasing numbers of them are pooing in the bushes on the way up to Pulpit Rock or on the way down.
Visitors have to hike for two hours before they reach the flat promontory 600 metres above Lysefjord. Around 300,000 visitors a year make the journey. But there are no public toilets.
“It’s beginning to become a problem that there are no toilets along the trail to Pulpit Rock,” Audun Rake of the Pulpit Rock Foundation admitted to the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad. “There is excrement in almost every bush. On sunny days it smells.”
The problem is even worse at campsites in the area. But the Pulpit Rock Foundation plans to have toilets along the trail ready before next summer.