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Ferries in Kapellskär (photo: Ports of Stockholm)

Ports of Stockholm: 2018 was “best year”

Ports of Stockholm says 2018 was a “record revenue year” with a record number of cruise passengers.

Sweden’s biggest passenger port saw more than 16 million passengers travelling by ferry, cruise ship or on archipelago services in 2018.

Ports of Stockholm operates the quayside berths, facilities and services for ferry, cruise and freight traffic in the ports of Stockholm and nearby Nynäshamn and Kapellskär.

The number of ferry passengers increased slightly from the previous year to more than 11 million passengers travelling during 2018.

In the international cruise segment, 2018 was a new record year, with passenger numbers increasing to 1,070,000, 50,000 passengers more than the previous record year in 2017.

The figures summary for 2018 show a new revenue record of SEK 866 million (€83 million), SEK 10 million more than the record set in 2017.

“2018 was our best year, both financially and in terms of volumes,” says Thomas Andersson, the new managing director of Ports of Stockholm.

“We are very happy that we have developed our ports so that we can offer, together with our customers, efficient and sustainable transport solutions for the increasing volumes of goods and passengers.”

Vital ferry pax
Jonas Nilsson, chairman of the board at Ports of Stockholm, added that “the ferry passengers mean a lot to Stockholm, in addition to their contribution to tourist revenue”.

“Certainly there is the five billion SEK they spend, and the 4000 jobs they create, but their importance for Stockholm as an international competitive city in terms of culture and the diversity that is generated by many international visits cannot be overestimated.”

Over a six-year period that is now nearing its conclusion, Ports of Stockholm has made major investments in its three ports to meet growth, sustainable urban development and future shipping needs.

“The Stockholm region is growing at a record rate and it is satisfying for us to be able to contribute to an ever-increasing proportion of transport now arriving by sea,” Nilsson explains.

“Next year we will open the Stockholm Norvik Port, which is connected to the national railway network. That will be a strong contribution to Stockholm’s prominent position within sustainable urban development.”

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