Prince’s Paisley Park becomes museum

Private estate and production complex open for tours
Paisley Park, the recording studio and home of famed pop star Prince, has begun to operate permanently as a museum after tours were halted briefly in early October.
The tours had been stopped due to concerns about pedestrian safety, traffic and parking. Fans are also no longer allowed to leave mementos on Paisley Park’s front fence in an effort to reduce foot traffic, while the city has rerouted buses to make turning into Paisley Park safer.
Tickets are now on sale for tour dates until the end of 2016. The website lists available tour dates and times, with two types of tours offered, a “general admission experience” for $38.50 and a VIP tour for $100.
The 70-minute general experience is a self-guided tour of the main floor and mixing studios, video editing suites and rehearsal rooms, a massive soundstage and concert hall, and Prince’s private NPG Music Club.
The 100-minute VIP visit includes a tour with expert guide who escorts you through the above areas plus additional rooms and studio areas that hold artefacts, with “a unique and exclusive photo opportunity”. Service fees are also charged.
Paisley Park is located in Chanhassen on the outskirts of Bloomington, southwest of Minneapolis, reached via Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.
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