Print your own baggage tag at home

Billund is first airport to offer option of home-printed tags

Now it’s possible to print both your boarding pass and your luggage tag at home and avoid queues at the airport. Billund has become the first airport in the world to offer passengers the option of printing their own baggage tags along with their boarding passes. Billund Airport has spent the past six years developing and designing a tag, a process that took place in close cooperation with IATA. According to Anders Nielsen, the airport’s project and development manager, the tag is now ready for testing – in collaboration with Thomas Cook Airlines, with real charter passengers using them.
“It’s all about saving time,” Nielsen explains. “Passengers get to the check-in desk at the airport, and they’ve done it all from home. All they have to do is show their boarding pass and hand over their suitcase.”
[pictured: Billund Airport; courtesy Billund Airport]


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