Profits up, portions down at hotel restaurants

Health-conscious guests are preferring smaller dishes and tasting menus

At upscale hotels’ fine dining restaurants, the trend seems to be that tasting menus and smaller plates are cutting portions. But because customers approve, profits are higher.
At a recent conference, F&B executives agreed that guests are eating more wisely and want to try a wider variety of dishes.
Portions have to be smaller on tasting menus as guests are full when they reach the sixth or seventh course. But sizes are down in the regular menus too, with a braised 4 oz short rib accompanied by something like orecchiette pasta replacing the 6 oz version.
Wine is being downsized too, as a bottle has become too much for a solo business traveller. Split bottles are more widely available instead.
Providing fresh local foods gives additional value, as real-time communication with growers becomes easier and chefs reshape their menus according to what is available.
Hotel Interactive
[pictured: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Munich]


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